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Team MRN’s History

Welcome to the relaunch of the historic Team MRN outreach website. The past few years have been a crazy journey (read about it here) and now I want to reenter the League of Legends Community. A little info about us: Team MRN was founded in 2012 by a former fighting game player. After climbing the ranks of the NA competitive ladder and meeting several former LCS players the owner Marn decided to create his own team. In order to come up with the deposit for a gaming house as well as start up costs for the team, Marn invest

Glorious leader

ed the majority of his savings into the establishment of Team MRN. As the Spring Championship series rolled around in 2012, the team was an extreme underdog going into the tournament. As the team entered the competition, it quickly became apparent the team would be successful. Nearing the end Team MRN beat Dirt Nap Gaming to qualify for the NA Season 3 Spring Split.

Following this stunning defeat of an established LCS team with several seasoned veterans, Team MRN entered their first spring split with a lot of momentum. AsĀ  the team continued to practice and optimize their strategies, we ended with a record of 10-18 in our first ever LCS. Unfortunately since the team placed 7th in the split, we were forced to defend our spot during the summer qualifiers. After a hard fought series Team MRN lost 2-3 to Velocity and we did not keep our spot in the NALC. Although a setback like that was very devastating to the entire team, many of our former team members have moved on to various teams in the League of Legends community. Nowadays, this website is just a historical reminder for Team MRN. The site will be posting e-sports news for League of Legends and various other competitive online games. Subscribe and share a link to our site if you are a fan. We hope we can provide the inspiration for others to tackle the challenge of forming an independent team. It worked for us – we are confident with the right attitude and team anyone can create the next top LCS team!

Here’s a link to a reddit article that explained what happened after we were relegated in 2013.

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