Moving to a different corner of the Video Game market

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Moving on: Our next adventure awaits!

Hello guys,

As you all know, the team was disbanded a few years ago. As the hype for League of Legends and E-sports has died down, we have decided to enter a different branch of the video game economy. Ever since the internet became popular, games like Runescape, World of Warcraft, and other MMOs have captured the attention of many gamers. The players of these games have created what amount to a virtual economy, where people place value in swords and shields and trade real world currency for in game items. We have identified the demand for this type of business and have decided to enter the Runescape gold trading scene. Because we are new to the market, we have partnered with an industry veteran will be selling osrs gold from our website I thank each and every one of you for being loyal fans and hope this new chapter of Team MRN will be as successful as the previous.

After discussing business with our new partner, we have decided to also start releasing free content for various video games to subscribers and people who visit our site. On we will be consistently providing high quality content for our readers and hope everyone finds value in the content that is released. For example, a recent article on our blog featured various highly efficient OSRS moneymaking methods. The guide was written by a team of researchers that found the best ways to make gp on Runescape. We know many of our customers have expressed interest in us entering different markets. If any one of you guys have any experience or skills in other games we are always open to new opportunities! As of this moment our store is operational so if you are an avid Runescape player that wants to buy rs gold from us, we are sure you will be satisfied by the services we can provide.

A quick overview of what we offer at our gold site. Although we have done research to make sure we are offering the best products for our customers, our stock will constantly reflect the interests of our customers. If everyone decides that they want more powerleveling or in game account services, we will find workers that can safely and efficiently level your accounts. If the customers want us to focus on a certain subset of the game, we will invest capital towards infrastructure and building connections with suppliers to reduce the cost of product. We want to pass down the savings to our customers and make sure you get the most bang for your buck.



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